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Over 2200 Images!

Today we surpassed the 2200 mark in Free CDL images!

Come and see all the new additions to Wallpapers!


Like your favorites and leave a comment!

 I also noticed a glitch in the slideshow image linkage here and have fixed all of those so you may …

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★ Wallpaper - Buddha Head

Buddha Head Small Preview 50%

Click the image see the slideshow.

Buddha in all his glory lovingly presented in 15 different colors and several backgrounds, and there are even coordinating icons available at Real World Graphics! This is a new concept for me, offering coordinating sets of both wallpapers and icons. I am pleased…

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CDL Icons


Check out all the wonderful icons at Real World, many are public domain designated and free to use while others are
available for commercial use with a small licensing fee.
You will not find these icons anywhere else!

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Wallpaper - Immiscible

Metalic Relief Slideshow Image

I've just added this design to the free wallpapers and arranged a slideshow to display the images as they appear tiled.
(Click the slideshow image to view.)

In the design Immiscible a metal crate-like structure holds two highly reflective immiscible liquids.  These size attentive tiles are ava…

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Wallpaper - Metalic Relief

Metalic Relief Slideshow ImageEach of 5 metals (brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver) are shown on black, white and clear backgrounds. Albums are listed according to accent adornment (Amethyst, Emerald, Metal, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz) and tile size within.

Metalic Relief Slideshow ImageIn each gem adornment album there are 15 single 500x500px tiles, which yield …

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Wallpaper - Kritters

Kritters Slideshow ImageBeloved 3d critters sit patiently perched between petaled flowers in this wallpaper design. Available in an amazing 22 colors &
3 degrees of color saturation, from lightly colored (Kritters 1) to slightly intense color (Kritters 3).

Click here to see all images in Kritters.

Click here to visit fre…

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Wallpaper - InspiredMetal

Slideshow Image - InspiredMetalTruly inspired by the divine, this design incorporates raised gold accents, folded
foil, and a variation of the cross pattée
(see InspiredMetal-250-Tiled). Available in
10 pastel background colors and 3 sizes.

Click here to see all images in InspiredMetal.

Click here to visit free cdl graphics.

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Wallpaper - Illogical Diamonds

This fun design will amaze and befuddle you while caressing your visual cortex with texture and color. The design simply defies all logic!Slideshow Image - Illogical Diamonds Cropped for beautiful seamless tiling in the most flattering size for this design, and available in 7 colors.
Again, no pieces were cut and pasted or rearranged t…

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Wallpaper - GlassyMetal

In this colorful classy design, GlassyMetal, glass and metal come together to create dual tone wonder and shiny bliss. With 16 colors available in 3 sizes, not to mention the space saving tiny tiles, you'll want them all!
Slideshow Image - GlassyMetalThis design was rendered as a whole, no pieces were assembled to obtain the 3d …

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Wallpaper - Brocade Lace

Dainty as lace yet hearty enough to be brocade, the design reminded me of Brocade Lace and thus it was named. This design needs color behind it to do its magic, too little and it becomes starved for color, too much and it simply goes to sleep. Slideshow -- Brocade Lace - Cool
8 background color combinations, Rose has 9,  for each o…

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Wallpaper - Beaded

Aztec Relief was a blast but we must find our way back out to Wallpaper Tiles again. Remember the back-one-level-link in the sidebar. Back to Wallpaper Tiles and our next stop is Beaded...

Beaded ClothBeaded Cloth

Where are all the images? Oh, silly me! Look over there in the left sidebar navigation panel! Two design album…

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Wallpaper - Aztec Relief

Roughly chiseled tiles are all the rage with the Aztec community! Aztec Relief tiles are precut for seamless tiling and are available in a shocking 18 of this season's best colors!
Aztec ReliefNo hassle running around looking for them everywhere! Free CDL has them all! Just click the Aztec Relief link in the sid…

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Introduction to Wallpaper

At present there are 9 sub-categories within the Wallpaper Tiles album, titled for each specific wallpaper design.  These 9 sub-categories or design albums appear in the left sidebar (see image below).

Within the nine design albums there may be other albums which break the images into size or color…

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Within the Stars album there are 3 categories
Concave Stars  Content Stars  Metal Stars 
let's take a peek at what you'll find there.


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Hearts - Beaded Lace Hearts

139x124px / 25% of original70x62px / 12.5% of original35x31px / 6.25% of original Resizable down to 35x31px.

Within the left sidebar menu click  Hearts > Lace Hearts > Beaded Lace Hearts  to find these precious little frilly hearts. At present this design is available in 4 lace & bead colors, with & without shadow. The larger thumbnail is actually the smaller graphic (557x49…

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Flowers - Chrysanthemum Relief

Chrysanthemum Relief images are available in 7 dual tone colors & 4 sizes, (100x100px [shown], 200x200px, 300x300px, 400x400px).

Fully tileable, with transparent background, these images work well on any color background.

Designed to resemble an old world hand carved wall plaque they can be used …

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Blue Alphabet

Blue Alphabet is a complete set of upper and lower case letters, numerals, and punctuation. The lighted high gloss 3 dimensional glass coating magnifies an interior of melted blue wire over a green grid. Easily resized and works well on dark backgrounds. Check out the slideshows below for letters, …

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Did I really need a category for arrows? At the present time you may well ask such a thing when you arrive at the album page, which before today had just one arrow. Happily, the little tike has been reunited with his family. Residing now within the free cdl album Animated Arrows, the little Animated…

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Check out the Sampler

This slideshow displays some, not all, of the graphics contained within the free cdl site. Take a look, I'm sure you will see something interesting!

Click here to visit free cdl graphics.

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Introduction to Free CDL

Have you ever been looking for something special, interesting, unique, thought provoking, unusual, different, original, and free?
I sure have and it's not always an easy task!

I love to create new and interesting graphics, some of which I sell and others I give away. I have such a vast accumulation…

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