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Wallpaper - Beaded

Aztec Relief was a blast but we must find our way back out to Wallpaper Tiles again. Remember the back-one-level-link in the sidebar. Back to Wallpaper Tiles and our next stop is Beaded...

Beaded ClothBeaded Cloth

Where are all the images? Oh, silly me! Look over there in the left sidebar navigation panel! Two design albums, Beaded Cloth and Beads, beckon to us to click them.

Click on Beaded Cloth and we're in. Think I hear an echo.
Take a closer look at the beaded cloth. No elements were cut &/or pasted in the making of this graphic. It started as a flat design of black & white, then as if like magic it sprang to life. The second image is provided as a preview of how the beaded cloth image looks when tiled. Same size result as the smaller image.

Click here to go to Beaded Cloth.


BeadsOnce again we use the back-one-level-link in the sidebar and we're back in the Beaded album. Click on Beads and we are smack-dab in the middle of an ocean of dainty little beads in 18 soothing hues.

  Click here to see all Beads.

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