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Over 2200 Images!

Today we surpassed the 2200 mark in Free CDL images!

Come and see all the new additions to Wallpapers!


Like your favorites and leave a comment!

 I also noticed a glitch in the slideshow image linkage here and have fixed all of those so you may just click the image now to go directly to the slideshow.

 I have added a few "stories" in the free cdl photobucket, one of which illustrates with new graphics how to find your way around.

Click here to view the stories category.

Many of the image albums have sub-albums. There is no reliable way of seeing how many images are contained within an album until you are actually in the album. The sub-albums are a way of organizing the images, some by size and others by style or color.

Use the left sidebar to navigate. Click the triangular arrows to expand an album and view the next layer of sub-albums.

Once the images are uploaded to an album I prefer not to move them but on a rare occasion I may deem it necessary, though I seldom do. You may link to the images but I would suggest that downloading them is a sure way to thwart broken links.

All wallpaper images are completely seamlessly tileable.

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