I'm Candy, believe it or not I'm glad you are here!

I'm an aspiring graphic artist of sorts. I enjoy spreading happiness & laughter, and helping people. Brightening someone's day gives me a nice sorta warm feeling, makes me feel good about myself. I like to feel good about myself and the things I do. I'm not too big on the writing thing so if you find something that I wrote, especially about myself, you are quite fortunate. (Sorry, no prize.)

Yup, I like to make myself laugh, too. I have been trying to write this for months, don't know what to say. I'm just gonna take a flying leap & jump right in. We'll see what comes up.

I was born in San Jose, California. I have lived in several US states for brief periods of time and visited many others just passing through. After a six month stretch in Mexico my family settled in the tip of Texas, but not before we visited my mother's parents in her home town of Dodge City, Kansas. All in all, I lived in Texas long enough to be an honorary Texan. I still believe I deserve the status even though I moved to Minnesota in late December 2006.

Texas is truly a whole other country. Texas is huge! 268,820 square miles of land (172,044,800 acres), with about 2.5% of that being covered by water. Texas has beaches, swamps, deserts, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests... Texans are as diverse as the state is big, but one thing all Texans share in common is pride. If I were asked to name a state for a great vacation it would be Texas hands down. Having said that I offer a link to the official TravelTex website.

Before you misjudge me I should set the record straight by admitting that I don't care much for country & western music, I am not fond of cowboy boots & hats, and I am not a fan of any Bush. Why would I want the title of honorary Texan? I believe I have earned it for having endured Texas and Texans for decades. The heat and humidity of southern Texas is enough in itself to do you in. You may laugh but the humidity can be in the 90's percentile with temperatures often exceeding 100°F in the summer months, and there is no wind. Walking anywhere is nearly unbearable, not to mention that it can quite literally kill you. Hard to believe that even in central Texas there is snow in winter!

No, I am not all about Texas. I just lived there for a majority of my life. I originated in California, about 50 miles SSE of San Francisco. Back then the air was cleaner and the population was much reduced. I remember the beautiful beaches we had all to ourselves, my parents were rather fond of visiting at times when no one else would be there. I remember a petting zoo where I fed gentle deer carrots and the magnificent redwood trees. I recall seeing my first snow capped mountain when I was about 3 years old and my first buffalo (big shaggy) when I was about 4 years old.

Okay, now that you have a bit of background I can speak to who I am as a person. I was born in mid July,  which makes me a 'cancer'. I have found that the basic general description for cancer is pretty accurate for me. I tend to put people whom I care about first in my life. I am a very giving person, though I don't like to be taken advantage. I can't deny that I can be a very emotional person, especially when the situation involves very deep emotions. I don't find myself a patient person, though sometimes it would seem that I can be very patient. Perhaps I hold myself to a higher level on that, my mother was the most patient person I have ever known next to my childhood nanny. Maybe they were the same. I feel so fortunate to have had these women in my life. They helped shape who I am today.

I try to be fair and see both sides of a situation. I may not agree with both views but at least I am willing to recognize that there are two sides. I don't like to be lied to and generally I try to avoid doing it myself. I respect honesty, loyalty, humility, and responsibility. I am a good person try to conduct my life accordingly.  

I love forests, trees and green things. Plants are alive, it's like you can almost feel them if you are very quite and still. The air is sweet and cool, and fresh. The world stops and you can breathe for a moment. Everyone should have plant friends that they can visit with. They listen and never interrupt, they eat very little and leave no mess behind to clean up, they are never too busy or not in the mood, they never put on airs or make you feel badly about yourself, and they don't mind if you just want to sit quietly together. Plants do so much for us and ask so little in return. A sunny window, a pot of dirt, a little water, and a sprinkling of love is all they need.

I also love mountains, have since the first time I saw one. Mountains fascinate and awe. Mountains, magnificent mountains. Rocks go along with that and I do have a fondness of rocks. Rocks are so cool! (They make great pets, too!)

One weird thing about me is that I have four toes that appear to be double jointed. Precisely the secretaire and clapmatch toes.  Well, they are not fully hypermobile, just the first knuckle.

Another weird fact about me is that I don't get hangovers, especially if I am drinking. Don't think I have ever had one. Not that I am advocating consumption of alcoholic beverages or anything like that. Children, listen to your parents and don't drink alcohol. Alcohol kills brain cells, and I hear they don't grow back, yet!