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Within the Stars album there are 3 categories
Concave Stars  Content Stars  Metal Stars 
let's take a peek at what you'll find there.


Concave Stars are available in 3 sizes (112x106px [shown], 224x212px, 335x319px), 3 levels of transparency, & 20 colors.

100% visible                   75% visible                    50% visible


Content Stars are tiny little stars in 3 mix & match styles and 2 colors. (Content Star 3 fits inside of Content Star 1.)

Content Star 1                   Content Star 2                 Content Star 3


Metal Stars are available, within the sub-album Donation Stars, in 4 sizes (89x84px [shown], 222x211px, 444x422px, 888x845px) and 3 colors. 


 Silver-10                         Gold-10                        Green-10


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