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Blog posts : "metal"

Wallpaper - Metalic Relief

Metalic Relief Slideshow ImageEach of 5 metals (brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver) are shown on black, white and clear backgrounds. Albums are listed according to accent adornment (Amethyst, Emerald, Metal, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz) and tile size within.

Metalic Relief Slideshow ImageIn each gem adornment album there are 15 single 500x500px tiles, which yield …

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Wallpaper - InspiredMetal

Slideshow Image - InspiredMetalTruly inspired by the divine, this design incorporates raised gold accents, folded
foil, and a variation of the cross pattée
(see InspiredMetal-250-Tiled). Available in
10 pastel background colors and 3 sizes.

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Wallpaper - Illogical Diamonds

This fun design will amaze and befuddle you while caressing your visual cortex with texture and color. The design simply defies all logic!Slideshow Image - Illogical Diamonds Cropped for beautiful seamless tiling in the most flattering size for this design, and available in 7 colors.
Again, no pieces were cut and pasted or rearranged t…

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Wallpaper - GlassyMetal

In this colorful classy design, GlassyMetal, glass and metal come together to create dual tone wonder and shiny bliss. With 16 colors available in 3 sizes, not to mention the space saving tiny tiles, you'll want them all!
Slideshow Image - GlassyMetalThis design was rendered as a whole, no pieces were assembled to obtain the 3d …

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